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        1. What's New

          Young Changemakers

          July 19, 2022

          Every day at Read Local BC, we’re inspired by the activists and leaders in our community that are changing... read more

          Beach Reads

          July 13, 2022

          Summer is here and we can’t wait to hit the beach! Check out these BC-published books on your next... read more


          July 5, 2022

          STEM: Science, technology, engineering and math. This week, we’ve curated a list of books for all you science-buffs, tech-savvy... read more

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          Current BC Bestsellers

          1. Return to Solitude: More Desolation Sound Adventures with the Cougar Lady, Russell the Hermit, the Spaghetti Bandit and Others
            by Grant Lawrence

          2. Mushrooms of British Columbia
            by Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther

          3. Framed in Fire: A Lane Winslow Mystery
            by Iona Whishaw

          4. Be a Good Ancestor
            by Leona Prince & Gabrielle Prince

          5. Richard Wagamese Selected: What Comes from Spirit
            by Richard Wagamese

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          Best Read Outdoors

          Explore BC Books for World Ocean Day

          9 short story collections for the dog days of summer

          Indigenous Peoples Month

          Your Reading Shouldn’t End When Indigenous History Month Does

          6 illuminating reads for National Indigenous Peoples Day

          Road Trip Reads

          BC roadtrip: 5 forgotten roadside attractions

          Discover: Authors explore the unknown places in BC